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 Private Placement Advisors LLC has been helping real estate developers and others to raise private capital for more than two decades and we have been working with JOBS Act exemptions since 2014.

Principal Douglas Slain authored the Private Placement Handbook Series: 15 audiobooks @ Audible.com.  He was chair of the ABA's largest committee on professional responsibility and he served as an ABA rule of law consultant to the Ministry of Finance for the Republic of Latvia. Slain taught at Stanford Law School as an adjunct law professor and he founded four authoritative national law reporting services now owned by Thomson-Reuters. Slain founded and monitors the the LinkedIn State Securities Regulation discussion group (1,600 mostly securities lawyers) and helps a variety of promising businesses identify and solicit early-stage capital. 

Private Placements Review

Private Placements Review is a discussion of recent exempt offerings in cannabis, distressed real estate, Blockchain and other Reg D flavors-of-the-month. Subscribers receive Audible free coupons for any or all of the following titles:

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